Thanksgiving Travel & Prep Tips

The Fall season is upon us, and with Fall comes one of our favorite holidays here at Tate Boys Tire & Service: Thanksgiving! 

Thanksgiving is an opportunity to slow down the busy day-to-day routine and spend time with those that mean the most to you. Family is the core of our values at TBT, and we want to keep our loved ones safe on the road and prepared as they travel during the holiday season!

Tips for traveling during Thanksgiving:

Make sure you check your tire pressure before hitting the road. Do you have a gage in your vehicle? Check your tire pressure levels before making that drive to Mom, Dad, Grandma or Aunt Karen's house! Most vehicles tires should read somewhere between 30-35 PSI’s to maintain a level of safety during your travel (To be noted: each vehicle has different standards dependent upon make/model/factory guidelines). Keep in mind, lower air temperatures outside can cause your tires to deflate a little. If you’re unsure if your tire is low or if the air has caused the pressure to decrease temporarily, bring your vehicle to one of our locations and we'll be happy to verify you and your family are safe and ready for travel!
You may want to winterize your vehicle. Tate Boys offers free inspections to check our customers coolant and batteries. (These are also checked during any of your standard oil changes!) Having your vehicle winterized means our team of professionals will check your coolant to verify what degrees it will freeze at. If needed, we will flush the system and put in new coolant to ensure your safety while driving in the cooler weather. We also check the battery on your vehicle. Why? Older batteries may be shocked during colder weather. You don’t have to have had previous issues with your battery for it to lose voltage during this time. (Fun Fact: this may also happen during the heat of the summer!) Our team is happy to look these factors over for you to ensure a successful and safe trip! 
Keep the kiddos entertained! Because we know the sanity of Mom and Dad is important! Are you in for a long drive? Here are a few ideas to keep your kids entertained:

License Plate Game - this is a classic! You don’t need any materials to play. Each player is to try and spot as many different license plate states on passing cars as possible. States seen/stated cannot be repeated. Mom or Dad keeps score for each child as they rack up their states seen, and the winner gets an extra piece of Pumpkin Pie!
Alphabet Game - this can be played in a variety of ways. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, the category could be “Things I’m Thankful for”. Each player is assigned a letter in the alphabet (Player 1 is A, Player 2 is B, Player 3 is C - then looped back around. Player 1 is D, Player 2 is E, Player 3 is F, etc.), and must come up with a word that matches the category being played with their assigned letter. Example: Susie (Letter A), “I’m thankful for animals.” Jim (Letter B), “I’m thankful for my brother.” Dale (Letter C), “I’m thankful for cake.” Other categories: Types of Animals, Types of Food, Countries or Spotting your letter on a sign as you’re passing by (must begin with your letter).
Categories Game - similar to the Alphabet game, but on a broader spectrum. Players will choose a category, and each person will take turns naming an item from that category. The first person that cannot think of a word to fit the category loses - the other players continue until there is one person left! Examples of categories: Candy bars, Tire brands (if your kid is a pro!), Types of Soda, Pets, Bad Habits, Sports, etc.!
Tablet Time - let’s be honest, peace and quiet is nice sometimes too! If your kiddos have tablets or iPad’s make sure to pack them for your trip fully charged and ready for use. These devices come in handy for quick and easy entertainment for your little passengers. 

In addition to safety, we know preparation is key to a successful Thanksgiving. Are you hosting at your home this year? Here is a quick checklist of things to prepare for the big day beginning the first week of November!