Spotlight: Ricky Whistler

Ever wonder what the life of a TBT Teammate is like? With over 10-years tenure, Store Manager Ricky Whistler is a bonified Tate Boys veteran. Here, Ricky shares insights into what started his love for cars and people. 

What made you get interested in the Tire Industry?

At a very young age I was fascinated with how and why things worked the way they did. I was always taking things apart and putting them back together with normal household tools like a screwdriver or pliers. As I got older, I started tearing apart my own bikes and rebuilding them; that led to helping my father work on his trucks for his masonry business. My dad taught me so much on our first big project, which consisted of us taking 2 old junks trucks, that didn't run or operate and combining them together to give me one good truck to drive when I turned 16. My love for cars and trucks only grew from there. In high school, I also took a 2-year course in AST (Auto Service Technology), where I learned even more automotive knowledge from my two Tech teachers: Mr. Ryan and Mr. Herard.  I believe this is where my love for the automotive industry began.

What is your favorite about being on the Tate Boys Team?

One of my favorite things about working with Tate Boys is the free popcorn! No, but seriously, my favorite thing about being a part of the TBT Team is that it’s not just a job... we’re a family. We spend so much time with our crew and our co-workers, they become like family. We are always striving to make each other the best we can be for ourselves - not just for the company. Sometimes, we must transfer stores and it’s like we leave behind our family; the friendships and relationships that we have with those at the other stores are real. Many of my friends are from my Tate Boys Family and to me, that’s awesome. This is a family-like environment with people who really care about the customer. And I think that’s something special.

Have any hometown favorites?

I live in Bartlesville Oklahoma but am the Manager of our Skiatook location. My favorite thing about my hometown is that all my family and friends are here or come back to visit. It’s where I was born and raised, it’s what I know. Bartlesville is and always will be HOME! 

Ricky started his career as a Tire Technician at TBT. His focus on putting the customer first has led to him having a key leadership role among his peers and crew. In 2017, Ricky was awarded the Chuck Tate Award for Employee of the Year. This recognition is decided upon by the TBT Leadership Team as well as his peers, and did we mention an all expenses paid vacation for him and his wife?!

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